Ancestral Legacy Project

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Indigenous Cultures Institute has established the Ancestral Legacy Project to help families to enroll their family members in an official record that traces their ancestry, and documents their affiliation with an indigenous (Native American/American Indian) culture.  Participation is voluntary and the Institute offers this service free of charge.

Why establish a Family Roll?

The purpose of establishing a Family Roll is to provide families with documentation that they may use in certifying that they are members of a Native American/American Indian family with indigenous ties to the Americas.  Membership in this Roll will not provide any current benefits available through the federal government’s Bureau of Indian Affairs or any other government entity.  However it may lead to State of Texas recognition and/or acknowledgement, which may have financial or other benefit-related impact on future generations.  By establishing a Family Roll through Indigenous Cultures Institute, participants will also be eligible for future Institute projects such as DNA ancestry-testing, genealogy workshops, and other programs.

Is my information confidential?

All information provided to the Institute through this program is kept completely confidential and becomes the direct property of the family members who are establishing a Roll.

What if someone in the family does not wish to participate?

The head of the family can decide to list any person on the Family Roll, whether they agree to participate or not.  However, the application form for this declining member will not be included in the official records, so they will not be an official member of the Family Roll (by kome okiomah).  In the future, the head of the family or official members of the Family Roll may decide if they wish to provide the declining member or any of their descendents with copies of the official Family Roll Document, upon request.


"When we know where we came from and realize our true identity, then we can walk in balance with Mother Earth and the universe."
-- Dr. Mario Garza, Miakan/Garza Band, recognized by the 83rd Legislature as a Texas Indian tribe with "immeasurable contributions to the State of Texas."

Establishing a Family Roll

Indigenous Cultures Institute will provide a packet of forms and a sample letter that you will distribute to all bloodline relatives in your family. 

Each family member is responsible for completing their individual application form and sending it to Indigenous Cultures Institute for processing. 

The Institute will prepare the initial Family Roll Document and forward this and the original application forms from each member, to a family member that is designated by the family to keep the Roll updated with new additions. 

Each family shall use its own process to decide on who will be the designated-member who will keep the Family Roll Document updated.

Through the years, the designated-member will pass on the responsibility for updating the Family Roll Document so that this official record is available to any family member for whatever matter the family deems appropriate.

We hope that you are interested in participating in the Ancestral Legacy Project by establishing your Family Roll.  You can become part of the effort that promotes and preserves the traditions and culture of indigenous people world-wide. For more information, please email us through our Contact Page or call (512) 393-3310.